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The report shows that protected marine and coastal ecosystems provide a wide range of ecosystem services (food provisioning, climate change mitigation, naturebased tourism) as well as broader socio-economic benefits.

For example, no-take MPAs can support fish stocks, and ecosystems like saltmarshes and seagrasses contribute to protecting coastal areas from the impact of weather events. Nevertheless, little evidence is available on the role of multi-use MPAs in terms of supporting food provisioning benefits or on the potential of MPAs for blue technology.

This study is particularly relevant considering that Europe’s regional seas are amongst the most productive in the world, supporting the livelihoods of over 5 million people and generating a gross added value of almost €500 billion a year.

The study is accompanied by a number of case studies documenting the range of benefits deriving from marine protected sites in the Mediterranean region.


Source: Nature and biodiversity newsletter, June 2016.

The study is available on: