Home - The European Parliament on the mid-term review of the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy

The European Parliament, with the resolution of 2 February 2016, opposes a possible revision of the Nature Directives because this would be bad for nature, for people and for business, while emphasising that the ongoing REFIT check (the European Commission's Regulatory Fitness and Performance programme)of the Nature Directives should focus on improving implementation. Any difficulties in achieving the objectives of the Nature Directives and the Biodiversity Strategy lie not with the legislation but primarily with its incomplete, divergent and inadequate implementation, enforcement and integration into other policy areas. It rather urges the Commission to clarify their interpretation and implementation guidelines in order to avoid and resolve sticking points.

The Parliament emphasises the crucial importance of increased political will at the highest level to safeguard biodiversity and halt biodiversity loss and calls on the Commission and the Member States to focus in particular on the links between biodiversity preservation and benefits to human health and economic well-being, stressing that biodiversity has significant potential to create new skills, jobs and business opportunities. It recommends a series of actions to be triggered in relation to different issues. Among these, the development of appropriate frameworks to prevent biodiversity loss outside protected nature areas, the improvement of the coherence across relevant sectoral policies and of the linkage between the various financing tools, setting up a high-level group on natural capital, drawing up a legislative proposal aimed at detecting and preventing breaches of environmental law across different sectors, including for protected nature conservation sites.


Source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?type=TA&language=EN&reference=P8-TA-2016-0034