Home - Workshop on "Integration of Nature and Water European Directives"

The workshop, organised by the NGO Gruppo 183 and Comunità Ambiente Ltd, under the aegis of the LIFE GESTIRE 2020 project, was aimed at strengthening the synergies and promoting the exchange of expertises among experts and public administrators in charge of enforcing the Water Framework Directive (2000/60 CE), Habitats Directive (92/43/CEE) and Birds Directive (147/2009/CE).

Representatives of European DG-ENV, Italian Ministry of the Environment, numerous NGOs and the Italian Institute for environment research have joined the event.

The workshop contributed to enhance the brainstorming on the European Directives' enforcement in the various socio-economic, environmental, geographical contexts in Italy, keeping in mind the European path on this important issue in order to better use the resources for monitoring and management as well as to increase the outcomes.

A video including slides and discussion will be available soon.

Source: www.gruppo183.org